Philosophy of our work as a trainer

Philosophy of our work as a trainer for dog-persons-teams in Berlin

  1. A dog is not a thing but an independent individual with a heart and feelings. A person is responsible for psychological, emotional and physical health for all of the dogs’ life.
  2. The dog finds itself in a – for itself – strange environment. As its person and social partner we help our dog to understand our world and to orient therein. At the same time we take responsibility that our human life is not bothered by our dog.
  3. Living together with us the dog is a team player. It’s a question of give and take responsibility. Human leadership is accomplished competence, closeness and confidence. Stupid dominant rituals from former times based on the fear of a dog are not appropriate to the species.
  4. Dogs act and react coherent from their point of view based on their character, experiences and fears. Humans as alleged highly developed organism are obliged to understand the dogs’ language and mindset. Neither the dog nor we or other people should get in any dangerous situation caused by ignorance.


Dogs are part of our social partnerships.

Dogs give us wonderful moments in our lives. Dogs are unconditionally on our side, independent from any mood or current life situations. Dogs trust us. They let us humans be healthier that other humans without a dog. We care for them and they can return so much by only a glance. Sometimes we allow them to lie on the sofa or even sleep in our bed – so what? It is ok as long as everyone is happy.

As a dog-person coach I am no moraliser who tells you what is right or wrong. Only you determine that. Dogs and their people are important to me – I do not work according to the book. I only appear when you decide to have a dog and giving start-up aid for a wonderful time for dog and person. Or I will be there when things between you and your dog become dissonant in your shared life.

I propose courses which could help in your special case; I accompany you animalistically human through new experiences. I will be by your side having the goal to make you and your dog a harmonious team and to make my presence unnecessary.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you and your dog!

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