Our approach

Our approach as a dog trainer in Berlin

It is my goal to create the optimal dog-person TEAM. From my point of view team work means: respect, a loving relationship as a basis of mutual understanding. Humans are highly developed organisms and we are obliged to perform this task.

Understanding and appreciation

From my practical work as a dog trainer in Berlin I learned that most of the people really want the best for their dogs and try to do their best. This impression is based on my own intuition and supervision.

In many cases I have a good feeling of the interaction between dogs and persons. However, in some cases it does not work out. In our human mind we sometimes misinterpret our dogs’ behaviour. From that we develop our own behaviour towards the dogs. In turn the dogs interpret our behaviour from their point of view which makes the interaction the perfect misunderstanding.

It is my main task to teach the people to interpret their dogs’ behaviour right, to understand the dogs’ signals; in short: I teach you “Doggish”.

I support people to find the best way of communication and develop a feeling for different situations with their dogs. At the same time I allude to actions/ reactions which might make sense for us but the dog understands something completely different.

I would like to replace uncertainties by certainty and confidence.

I guide you to your goal with knowledge, exemplification, demonstration and your own experience you gained.


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