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Dogtrainer Markus Beyer

As a person in charge for important companies for most of my life I experienced communication between people with all chances and risks. Luckily I had the opportunity to live and work in Barcelona.

After finishing this period of life I decided to spend my life with what concerns me most besides people: dogs. Fortunately I could learn a lot from my Golden Retriever “Chester”. I am very grateful for his communication, many wonderful moments and all the lessons I learned!

I began to fill my interest with knowledge and practical experience. I learned a lot about cynology, learning habits of dogs, about fears and behavioural expressions. I received knowledge about the right nutrition, dangers of parasites and plagues and of course about communication between and with dogs.

As a certified dog trainer I received training in the following fields:


  • Characteristics of dogs
  • Learning processes of dogs
  • Changes due to domestication
  • Neuropsychology of dogs
  • Communication and behavioral expressions

Veterinary knowledge

  • Anatomy of dogs
  • Sensory perception
  • Detection of pain
  • First Aid and detection of illness
  • Parasitic and plague-like diseases

I would like to convey this knowledge and experience to you. Enabling you and your animalistic companion to the best form of coexistence in Berlin is my personal goal. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you and your dog!

I take over the training sessions in German and Spanish.

Dogtrainer Yvonne Kumar

Since I was 10 years old I had a lot to do with dogs. My first dog Dina, a Fox Terrier crossbreed was my childhood companion. Dina was always by my side and my best friend.

I will never forget the day I lost her.

Cheri, one of Dinas’ sons helped me to cope with the grief. Cheri was the smallest one from Dinas’ litter of puppies and I raised it by bottle. Cheri was my loyal companion for 17 years. It shared my adolescence and the beginning of my adulthood. Cheri was a wonderful nature which I could learn a lot from. I will never forget it.

This does not mean that my personal experience make me a qualified dog trainer.

However, as life goes after spending a couple of years in London I met my new life partner. Everything happens for a reason – he was and is a dog trainer.

I received a lot of additional expert knowledge from Markus Beyer. I was present at many of his training sessions and received practical experience in the field of dog-person training. We discussed cases we worked on together or separately and developed the best individual solution for dog and person.

My approach as a dog trainer is according to the credo of our dog trainers’ team: finding the best solution for every individual dog-person team. I support you in the fields of team building, dogs’ communication, nutrition, socialisation, dogs at workplace and First Aid for dogs.

I take over the training sessions in English.

Learn more about the philosophy of our work and about our approach as dog trainer in Berlin.


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