Training for dogs in the office

Dog as Co-worker – Dogs in the office for an animalistically good working atmosphere

A dog should not be in an office? I don’t think so.

Studies proof that dogs in the office have many advantages:

  • Employees who bring their dogs to work are much more motivated
  • There is a more relaxed working atmosphere among the employees
  • The status of employees illness can be reduced

The lunch break does not take place in the staff canteen; instead of that employees go for a blow having conversations. Employees who normally carry blood pressure medication in their pockets now carry treats for dogs.

Dogs in the office are evidentially good for our health.

The risk of getting a heart attack or high blood pressure is being reduced. Dogs contribute to reducing stress and the risk of suffering from burnout. What is the reason? Dogs spread positive vibes and keep us well-balanced. Awarded studies proof: when we pet a dog our body releases Oxytocin – a hormone which makes us happy and which also plays an important role in creating the bond between a mother and her child. The more often we release Oxytocin the bigger the positive impact on our stress level. We just feel better.

The reputation of a company can be improved to the outside as well as to the inside. Companies want to be innovative and modern, break new grounds and be different. Welcoming dogs in the office is an important motivation tool for employees. Dog owners do not have to worry about their dog being home alone. They do not incur costs for dog walkers or dog care facilities and the dog is comfortable near its person. The employees’ loyalty for a company increases which in times of high fluctuation and lack of qualified staff can be a real benefit for a company.

Of course we have to consider rules. Do management and co-workers agree? Does the dog have its own place in the office? Is the dog well-behaved?

As a certified dog trainer I help you to integrate your dog into your every day work. Together we will find the best solution for managers, for you and of course for your dog.

The training sessions take place in the office.


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