Dog pulls on the leash

Dog pulls on the leash

Almost every dog owner knows this situation: as soon as you put on the leash your dog begins to pull. When that happens you ask yourself who is leading who on the leash?

There can be many reasons for pulling on the leash: attractive smells, anticipation to encountering other dogs in the park, your dog simply thinks it is the pack leader and has to lead you, or it just wants to return home. For dog owners comfortably going for a walk turns out to be a massive effort. Pulling on the leash is not only nerving but also unhealthy.

The permanent pressure on the dogs’ respiratory system caused by the collar can lead to respiration problems and cough.

It is not the nature of a dog to be on a leash limited in its leeway. Especially at the beginning of a walk dogs pull on the leash strongly. There are so many impressions and smells they would like to discover and they would like to discover them as quick as possible. We need to show them that pulling like there is no tomorrow is not worth it.

With our help and your patience your dog will learn to walk on the leash relaxed without an uncomfortable wrench on the leash.



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