Fear of being alone

Your dog is afraid of being home alone or anxious of separation?

A dog expressse fear in many different ways:

  • It barks, moans and howls
  • It urinates inside, gets diarrhoea or vomiting
  • It destroys things in your home
  • It backs down, seems to be upset or does not drink water

Dogs are group-living animals and being alone is hard for them by nature. Fear of loss develops very quickly. You should get your dog used to it lovingly as early as possible when the dog does not associate any negative experience with being alone yet.

Sometimes we just take it for granted to leave our dog alone. We just do it without having the dog gotten used to it. Other reasons for fears can be things/ situations which happened during your absence – loud noise or a drill machine in the neighbourhood. There can be so many things your dog cannot assign and suddenly your dog is left all alone in a strange situation. We were not present and do not even have a clue  that our dog maybe had a traumatic experience.

We just wonder about its unwanted behaviour.

Together with you we will find out the cause of problems and develop solutions to give you the ability to leave the house with quiet conscience and make your dog feel comfortable.



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