Problems and solutions in interaction with dogs

[Dogs act coherent]

A dog can be life-enhancing but sometimes there are difficulties and uncertainties making dog owners helpless. Changes in your life are always changes for your dog as well.

Sometimes the circumstances do not give us enough time to prepare a dog for a new situation. However, we would like to do it right and avoid as much stress as possible.

Many different things just happen and they are normal for us but for our dogs these things can be really stressful. However, life consists of movement and change – it depends on making the best of it. As people we have a choice – dogs do not and that is why we have to take the responsibility.

If it comes to job-related changes it might happen that your dog has to stay home alone. If it never experienced that you might be confronted with your dogs’ fear of being left all alone.

It can also happen that you have to take your dog in the car. If it is not used to it your dog may be afraid of driving in a car as well as in public transport.

Maybe you move from a small town into major city Berlin.

Your dog has never been surrounded by so many people, noise and encounters with other dogs. Now the dog finds itself in a completely new situation and may develop nervousness or even aggression. On the street there is leftover food that entices your dog; so many new smells are of great interest and suddenly your dog begins to pull on the leash or it even it is not house-trained anymore.

You are planning on starting a family? That is a big change in a dogs’ life too. Preparing your dog for the addition to the family is an important topic as well.


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