Dogs in summer

Dogs in summer. Please take special care of your dog at high temperatures in summer. Our dogs are unable to perspire through their skin as we humans are. You actively need to help your dog to cool down.

Hunde im Sommer - Infografik Gefahren für Hunde im SommerCorrect behaviour of us humans at high temperatures

  • Please always have fresh water available for your dog. Change the water several times a day.
  • Actively cool down your dog several times a day.
  • Decrease your dogs’ activities. Even though the dog wants to play help it to calm down.
  • Create a cool environment. Darken the rooms, position a fan or turn on the a/c. In case your dog is wet please avoid supply air.
  • Your dog might need less energy when it is hot outside. For that reason please reduce food rations.


Incorrect behaviour of us humans at high temperatures

  • Never leave your dog in the car; also when your car is parked in the shadow.
  • Do not walk your dog at noon.
  • Dogs can suffer from sunburn on spots without fur. Do not expose your dog to sun. Try to stay in shady areas when walking your dog.
  • Dogs’ paws can get burned. Please always check the temperature of the pavement by putting your flat hand onto the ground.


Body temperature of dogs

The normal temperature depends on the size of the dog. (Please find out the normal temperature for your dog (between 37.8° and 39.2°). The closer the outdoor temperature is to your dogs’ body temperature, the more difficult it is for the dog to cool down from its own resources.

How to cool down your dog

You can moisten your dog with a nebulizer, towel your dog with a wet towel, carefully wet it with a garden hose (begin with the rear right leg and slowly move forward towards the heart) or give your dog a shower. If your dog is wet please avoid supply air.

Walking your dog at high temperatures

Adjust your walks to the outside temperature. Make long walks in the morning or evening time. Do not stay outside for too long at noon and stay in shady areas. Please keep in mind that the pavement might be hot. To be on the safe side, please always check the temperature of the pavement by putting your flat hand onto the ground.

Grooming in summer

Brush the fur of your dog once a day. For dogs with underfur please use a special underfur brush. When you clip your dog please keep in mind that dogs can suffer from sunburn. Please make sure that there is enough fur left to protect your dog from sunburn.

Evidence of heat stroke

In generous

  • Stagger
  • Drowsiness
  • Seizures
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased heart rate


  • Empty or fearful glance


  • Excessive plant
  • Increased salivation
  • Very red tongue
  • In case of dehydration: sticky or dry tongue and teeth ridge/ gum


  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea


First Aid in case of heat stroke

  • Take your dog out of the sun immediately
  • Give it water
  • Carefully cool it with cool water
  • Put wet cold/ wet towels on the head/ paws
  • Contact your veterinarian

Advice: Write down your veterinarians’ phone number now to have it available in case of emergency.

(This information is no veterinary advice. Please contact your veterinarian!)


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