6 Errors in dog training

Errors in dog training: As a dog owner you only want the best for your dog. You take care of a good nutrition, you give your dog a good home, care about its health; you walk your dog regardless of wind and weather and educate your four-legged companion to the best of knowledge. However, from our human perspective we sometimes make educational mistakes.

Here are the major errors in dog training:

6 Fehler in der Hundeerziehung

6 Major errors in dog training

  • Error 1: Showing your dog you love it means to let it do whatever it wants.
  • Error 2: You do not need commands all the time; the dog surely knows what to do.
  • Error 3: When dogs encounter other dog you need to stop, everything else would be impolite.
  • Error 4: When the dog comes to its owner after having done something wrong it needs to be punished.
  • Error 5: The person has to be the pack leader. This can be enforced violently.
  • Error 6: The person has to communicate with the dog verbally. Body languages, gesture, facial expression, pitch of the voice and hand signs do not matter.

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