Understanding dogs

From my practical work as a dog trainer in Berlin I learned that most of the people want the best for their dogs. People watch TV shows about educating dogs and try to convert what is shown on TV. They research on the internet looking for information. People are interested and engaged. In my opinion this is a good trend for the benefit for our dogs.

However, sometimes I meet clients who really want to give their best but they just do not do it well. This is often caused by wrong or dated information.

In order to understand our dogs we need to get the knowledge

On the following pages we summarise different topics in order to improve your level of knowledge.

Canin senses

How does a dog see its surroundings? What does it smell or hear? Which functions do their senses have?

Learn more about the canin senses

First Aid for dogs

None of us dog owners wishes that something happens to our dog or others. However, there can be situations which require our immediate action.

Here you will find important information about First Aid for dogs.

Poisonous to dogs

We go for a walk ore are in the garden and the dog nibbles on a plant. A friendly child offers chocolate to our dog. Grand ma means it well and gives our dog some avocado because it is allegedly healthy. Poisoning can happen.

Here you will find important information about what is poisonous to dogs.

Rights and duties of dog owners in Berlin

“Put your dog on the leash according to leash law!” You might hear that now and then. Is that really true or may the dog be off-leashed in some areas? Which law applies for us as dog owners in Berlin?

Learn more about rights and duties of dog owners in Berlin.

Short and precise: 6 Errors in dog training

Here you will find a short info graphic about “6 Errors in dog training”

Quiz: “Understanding dogs”

The quiz is only available in German.


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