On this page you can find information about our pet obedience school in Berlin of certified dog trainer Markus Beyer. Every dog is an individual. Every dog/ person team is intrinsically unique. Our dog obedience school in Berlin offers exclusive individual training sessions in the familiar environment of dogs and their persons. We train you in English, German or Spanish

Assistance for choosing your new dog in Berlin

90-image06The bigger the choice – the harder to choose. Which dog is the right one for you and your family? Finally it should be a lifetime friend. This is only possible if dogs and persons match to make everyone happy. We support you finding your dog in Berlin.



Imprinting/ socialisation of your puppy in Berlin

90-image03The imprinting and socialisation phase are crucial basis for subsequent behaviour of your dog. We support you during this important time to ensure a good and healthy start into your shared future.