Nutrition advice

Nutrition advice for dog owners to ensure sustained health promotion

Industry and trade make it easy for us: sacks of dog food and canned food are near the counters in every supermarket. We just need to collect them.


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But what do we really get? Is the premium food really good for our dog? Does a seal of approval really mean that we get the best food?

Or is fresh meat the better alternative?

Within our nutrition advice we inform you in detail about different kinds of dog food. Check the ingredients and different methods of production of dry food and learn about what “animal by-products” are and what you really feed your dog.

You will learn which biological process in your dogs’ body is caused by different types of food, how important right nutrition is for the behaviour of your dog and how you can minimise health problems through right nutrition.

The nutrition advice includes an overview of everything that is good for your dog and which food you must not feed.

Our nutrition advice is regardless of the manufacturer, as we do not dispose any dog food.

Please do not underestimate the importance of right dog nutrition.


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