On this page you can find information about our pet obedience school in Berlin of certified dog trainer Markus Beyer. Every dog is an individual. Every dog/ person team is intrinsically unique. Our dog obedience school in Berlin offers exclusive individual training sessions in the familiar environment of dogs and their persons. We train you in English, German or Spanish


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Dog license
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The bigger the choice – the harder to choose. Which dog is the right one for you and your family? Finally it should be a lifetime friend. This is only possible if dogs and persons match to make everyone happy. We support you finding your dog in Berlin.   The imprinting and socialisation phase are crucial basis for subsequent behaviour of your dog. We support you during this important time to ensure a good and healthy start into your shared future.   The dog license in Berlin includes knowledge about dogs’ behaviour, communication, animal welfare, animal protection and the legal situation of dog owners in Berlin. We assist you getting ready for it.
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Fear / Aggression / unwanted Behavior

Dogs’ Communication – Learn Doggish!

Nutrition and Health Promotion for your dog in Berlin

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Does your dog show unwanted behaviour? Is it fearful or do you recognize an apparent behaviour of fear or aggression? Together with you we develop an individual alternative strategy for you and your dog in Berlin   Our dogs are communicating all the time. We show you what your dog wishes to express about its condition and how you can make your dog understand what you wish to express.   You are what you eat! The nutrition has an immediate influence on the dogs’ behaviour and its health. We provide advice of what to consider ensuring a long and healthy life of your dog in Berlin.
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About us

Philosophy About us
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Dogs share special moments with us, let us be healthier than others and they are always on our side independent from any moods or current life situations. Dogs are friends and companions and they deserve to be treated with competence and respect. I stand for empathy for persons and dogs combined with certified competence. We work non-violent using natural body language and revision.
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First aid for dogs
Poisonous to dogs
Erste Hilfe beim Hund Achtung! Vergiftungsgefahr beim Hund.